An extended commitment

It's one thing to establish a set of ideals; it's another to demonstrate a desire and an ability to keep your promises. We ask a lot from the young men enrolled in the Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven curriculum. We also ask a lot from our staff — those on campus and those in our community offices located in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany/Schenectady.

Officially, we provide each of our students with six months of aftercare designed to ensure that the life lessons they learned on-site take root and that they are able to continue their education and lead productive lives. But, in fact, we are always there for them when they need help. So if someone calls a year or two years later whether he needs help at school or with a personal problem, he can count on us to get him through his crises. It's part of our commitment.

Our transition process starts as soon as our youngsters arrive on campus and continues long after they go on with their lives. The concept of providing them with an extended family dedicated to their achievement is part of it. The spark of hope we seek to ignite in each of them enhances their desire to succeed. And, the perseverance that is at the heart of our aftercare program turns their hope into reality.

Two youngsters expressed their thoughts as they prepared to begin their new lives as productive members of the community:

"I have teachers and social workers at Ives School to thank for teaching me the importance of education and for giving me a solid educational background and plans for my future. The scholarship from Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven will help me by giving me the financial jumpstart I need to begin my college education."

"Thanks to the vocational program in Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven I was really able to decide what it is I want to do with my future. That is to become an automotive mechanic. With this scholarship I will be able to pursue my dreams and achieve a successful future, which so many have doubted in my young life."

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