From their first day on campus, our purpose is to assist each young man in determining and striving for his goals. Even before he walks through the door, we begin to assess each youth's individual needs to ensure appropriate treatment. Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven provides a wide range of services to residents and their families. Services include and are not limited to, Educational, Therapeutic Treatment, Clinical Services, Health Care, Substance Abuse, Residential Services and Community-Based Services.

Educational Services

Residents attend our fully accredited middle and secondary Ives School. Programs include both Regular and Special Education, Vocational Education, and General Educational Development (GED) Certificate. Many students obtain their GED through the Ives School, while many others return to the community and earn a high school diploma. Vocational training is offered in areas including woodworking, computer keyboarding, graphic design and video production. Visit the Ives School page to read more.

Treatment Services

To facilitate a successful reunion following discharge, a Child & Family Team is assembled for each resident's family from the very beginning. This treatment team meets weekly to assess the resident's progress toward educational and behavioral goals, and works with the teen and his parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure these goals also meet the needs for the family. All students receive individual and group counseling–and are assessed for the need for special substance abuse services. Campus and community-based social workers work with the resident and his family toward the ultimate goal of a successful reunion of the youth with his family following discharge.

On the main Lincolndale campus, a social worker is assigned to each cottage and acts as the coordinator of the treatment team for that cottage. The social worker sees boys individually as well as in group sessions, and interfaces with other members of the treatment team-- the clinical psychologist, cottage childcare workers, and school representatives. A flexible working schedule permits the campus social worker to be available to cottage staff and residents as needed.

A formal treatment team meeting is held once a week. During these meetings, treatment goals are established or modified and a boy's progress is discussed with all the members of the team contributing his or her input in terms of observations and work with the boy. Although the team meets once a week, social workers maintain daily contact with their respective cottages in an effort to foster ongoing communication with the cottage personnel. Families participate in quarterly meetings of the treatment team to provide a more detailed review for each individual resident.

Working closely with the campus workers, the community social worker directs services toward establishing positive relationships with and within the family in an effort to improve the home situation so that the youth may return to a more harmonious environment upon discharge. Often, efforts involve helping and encouraging family members to connect with other community services such as alcohol programs, housing, employment, counseling, etc. Attention is also focused on the boy's siblings, with the intent of preventing other placements from the family.

Clinical Services

Clinical services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists are an integral part of the Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven program. Treatment, diagnostic evaluations and consultation are the three major functions performed by the clinicians.

Depending on particular need, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, along with social workers in various modalities of treatment, see residents who are identified as requiring clinical services. Individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling are regularly provided.

Psychiatric evaluations and psychological tests are performed on each youth during the reception period and on an as-needed basis thereafter. Evaluation results are utilized in the clinical diagnosis of each resident and in the assessment of his assets as well as his weaknesses. Clinical information, in conjunction with observations, input, and recommendations from other components of the institutional program, form the comprehensive basis for a treatment plan of service for the resident. Additionally, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists provide regular consultation to direct services staff in their capacity of ongoing involvement in treatment team functioning.

In summary, the essence of clinical services is in the creation of a therapeutic milieu wherein a youth can receive the support and insight that will encourage him to overcome his problems and enable him to form a positive foundation upon which to begin anew.

Health Care Services

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven believes that physical well-being is basic not only to growth, but to the daily maintenance of life's functions and maximum enjoyment of life's goods.

A twenty-four hour medical and nursing staff insures the physical well-being of the boys in residence. Recognizing the individual needs of each child and beginning with a complete physical upon entry into Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven, the health care program provides thorough preventative and remedial services; its goal is an optimal level of health maintenance. Among the infirmary services offered are immunizations, periodic physicals, the treatment of illness, referrals to outside specialists when necessary, and a complete dental care program.

Substance Abuse Services

Our campus-based, student assistance program counselor provides alcohol and drug abuse intervention services to residents who have been directly abusing alcohol and drugs. The counselor also provides support to residents whose parents are alcoholic or drug abusers and display dysfunctional family behavior.

The substance abuse program is a three-phase process. The first phase involves providing direct services to students in the form of individual and group sessions. The objective of this phase is to reverse drug and alcohol abuse or to prevent it from materializing. The second phase provides direct assistance to the family in dealing with the same kinds of issues as the residents concerning alcohol and other drug abuse. Upon request, the student assistance counselor provides referrals to family members who have concerns relating to substance abuse. The final phase assists the Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven staff in servicing the residents who are affected by this devastating disease. As such, in-service staff training is provided to identify the signs and symptoms of chemical abuse.

Residential Services

Residential life focuses on meeting individual needs within a group setting, giving each young man the time and space to discover and develop his potential. The youth takes responsibility for the consequences of his behavior and learns teamwork by interacting with the other members of his residence. Counseling and a variety of enrichment activities, including sports, art and music, are incorporated into each resident's program. Religious participation in the faith of his choice is also encouraged.

Community Services

Community workers continue to be involved with both the youth and his family even after residential services are concluded. Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven is strongly invested in ensuring that the gains made during placement serve as a foundation for continued growth. With offices throughout New York State, aftercare workers provide supportive services including, and not limited to, school registration, job placement, opportunities for recreation, conflict mediation, group work and monitoring.

With strong relationships to and knowledge of agencies such as Departments of Social Services, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven social workers provide diligent care and professional services to residents and their families.

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