The Ives School

Recognizing that the educational opportunities a quality school provides are investments in the growth and prosperity of our future communities, the mission of Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven's Ives School is to prepare our students for the academic, civic, social, and employment challenges of an emerging global society. In a student-centered learning environment, professional educators provide opportunities for students to achieve educational success to the best of their abilities: to acquire basic academic and vocational skills and to develop the desire to pursue further schooling, future academic success, and a love for continual learning.

Ives School is an accredited, private secondary school under Article 81, Chapter 563, of the New York State Education Laws. Students at the Ives School are assessed for their academic needs and placed in programs designed for their individual success. Programs at the Ives School include subject area classes for grades 7 - 12, Special Education, Vocational Education, and an official New York State General Educational Development (GED ) Preparation and Testing Center. School is in session year-round, with a full 180-day, ten-month academic calendar year supplemented by a 30-day summer school session.

Ives School professionals customize the instructional program according to each student's unique, social, emotional, and educational needs. A school psychologist, the guidance office, and program support counselors are available to provide educational, transition, and behavioral management services. As a supplement to formal school studies, the Ives School and Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven also operate a specialized program to prepare students for part-time employment upon discharge, thereby providing them with the potential to live independently as productive, self-sufficient, and law-abiding members of society. With mentoring assistance from vocational development job site coordinators, students are supervised and paid for working at various job sites on campus.

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven also participates in the New York Public High School Athletic League (NYSPHSAL) in Section One. Lincoln Hall Boys Haven has football, baseball, soccer, track & field, and basketball teams that participate in NYSPHSAL as well as intramural activities on campus. The athletics and recreation program develop positive self-esteem and leadership skills through the mastery of cognitive and manual skills.

Vocational skill training is also available in office education, keyboarding, computer applications, barbering apprenticeship training, drafting, photography, auto mechanics and detailing, industrial cleaning, building trades, carpentry and wood shop, art, theatre, and culinary arts.

Through educational success during placement, Ives School students learn to constructively redirect their energies and strengths toward refining the desire for formal schooling, and derive the satisfaction of learning academic and vocational skills so important to their futures.

Lincoln Hall P.O Box 600 Route 202 Lincolndale, New York 10540 TEL: 914- 248-7474 FAX: 914-248-8391