A Rich History Dedicated To The Future

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven has a rich history but it has always focused on and dedicated itself to the future. Founded as a home for Civil War orphans in 1863, it has persevered in its efforts to set itself apart from other institutions that provide specialized services for adolescents by concentrating on teaching them how to learn. By promoting academic achievement, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven serves not only the needs of disadvantaged young men, we also serve the needs of society.

We're proud of our success in the field and the recognition we've received for our work. Most recently, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, founded by Britain's HRH The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956, selected us to partner with them in its international self-improvement program for youth, called The Young Americans' Challenge. They described our new partnership as an "empowering opportunity" with the goal of "instilling a sense of self-worth and societal responsibility in the next generations of citizens." Six young men from Lincoln Hall Boys’ Haven have already personally received their DOE Awards from HRH Prince Edward of Britain who heads up the program.

Meanwhile, in 2012 a new Family Reunification Program was launched on campus. The Family Reunification Program is designed to help children reunite with relatives through intensive clinical assessment and case management. The program, funded by a grant approved through an office of the United States Department of Health & Human Services, serves boys between the ages of 12 and 18 years. Youth enrolled in this program receive all of the services provided on the 454 acre campus.

We believe that, given the chance, all the youngsters who have the opportunity to participate in the Lincoln Hall experience, including those in our Family Reunification Program, have the potential of becoming responsible citizens who contribute to the community. Indeed, we believe that when you give them structure, consistency and a sense that they belong, you develop in them an ability to make incredible changes in their lives and you give them a desire to learn and succeed.

To this end, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven has implemented the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports [PBIS] initiative with the support of both the New York State Education Department and the Office of Children and Family Services. PBIS sets clear expectations in the classroom, in our athletic program - in all facets of campus life. Its purpose is to recognize students for doing things well.The concept of PBIS permeates through all of our programs at Lincoln Hall.

John Macken was the first of more than 150,000 youngsters who have attended Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven since its founding in 1863. In those days it was a new alternative for boys like Macken who otherwise might have been warehoused in asylums or faced involuntary relocation. It was a prominent New York City attorney, Dr. Levi Silliman Ives, who founded the institution that was to become Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven. Dr. Ives, for whom the Ives School at Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven is named, saw the potential value of these children as functioning members of the community. He saw that by helping them to succeed in life, he could help society grow and thrive.

No better proof of the positive impact of the Lincoln Hall Boys’ Haven experience is the numerous visits by alumni who come to the campus to reflect on the lessons they learned here. The compelling stories these graduates tell are an inspiration and, as such, deserve to be shared in hopes that they will encourage other graduates to get involved and stay in touch with us. To these ends, our Web site is proud to feature a new Alumni Page, which will be updated frequently to tell the personal stories of the many youngsters who will always be a part of the growing, far-flung Lincoln Hall family.

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