Our History

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven can proudly trace its history of caring for civil war orphans back to 1863. Originally under the auspices of the Christian Brothers and a lay board of managers, this tradition was established with the opening of a residence in New York City to aid destitute children. Today Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven is affiliated with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York.

In 1907, with the purchase of several farms in the hamlet of Somers, the Westchester campus was opened as an annex to the New York City operation. Known as the "Lincoln Agricultural School", the youth from the Protectory were trained in farming and agricultural skills. Once a boy learned those skills, the goal was to have him "placed out" for further on-the-job training with one of the many farming families throughout New York State or the Midwest.

In 1938, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven celebrated its 75th anniversary by moving its entire operation to the Westchester property. That year also saw the construction of new cottages, a vocational training building, a gymnasium, and playing fields for baseball, football, and soccer. The following year, 1939, Lincoln Agricultural School was rededicated as Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven ceremonies marking the inauguration of the school as a facility for the care and treatment of delinquent youth from the Children's Courts in New York City and Westchester.

Today, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven continues the tradition of a progressive childcare facility with a non-sectarian intake process. Although its population has expanded to include boys from counties throughout New York State, many of the concepts and rudimentary programs reflecting the early history remain. The cottage system continues to be the primary environment within which a multidisciplinary treatment team provides a variety of services.

Approaching one hundred and fifty years of service to children in need, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven today continues its commitment to provide innovative, effective, and vital services to children and their families. Now governed by a Board of Managers and administered by a professional and dedicated staff, Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven provides community based and out of home treatment services for court-involved youth, ages twelve to eighteen. Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven serves youth on the main campus in Lincolndale and through community offices located in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Mindful of its historic and innovative leadership in the childcare field, it is the hope and the goal of Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven to carry on the traditions of quality care service in the years to come.

Lincoln Hall P.O Box 600 Route 202 Lincolndale, New York 10540 TEL: 914- 248-7474 FAX: 914-248-8391