The influence of societal attitudes

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven was founded to provide residential and educational services to disadvantaged young boys, and from the outset we had our supporters and our critics. There are those that would ignore the benefits of aiding these youngsters, preferring to disregard their plight, ostracizing them and promoting intolerance. More important, they offer no alternatives.

But we've attracted powerful and knowledgeable adherents over the years who understand that if the naysayers win, the community loses. In fact, we lose the extraordinary contributions that these young men can make to our economy, our standard of living and the general well-being in our immediate communities.

President Teddy Roosevelt was one of those who saw the important difference that Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven makes. He was a supportive friend of our agency who sought our counsel in addressing the education and training needs of disadvantaged boys. Mayors of New York City including Fiorello LaGuardia and Ed Koch have expressed their backing as have General Colin Powell and Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson. And, the list goes on.

At one point, the child care concepts and teaching approach we developed in the early years became so influential that a course based on them was taught at the University of Notre Dame.

And, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services saw fit to single out Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven as "an agency offering programs that afford youth the opportunity to identify and develop skills they will use throughout their lives. Additionally, the recreation program is to be commended as it could serve as a model for other child care agencies to emulate." Click Where & How To Donate to see how to support our programs.

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