Athletics promote achievement

At Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven we adhere to the notion that sports induce an urge to achieve and so we offer a diverse set of athletic programs. As the noted professor of sociology, J. H. Braddock, concluded after conducting intensive studies: "Involvement in sports appears to enhance a student's academic aspirations, investments, and achievements."

Thus, while our principal focus has always been on academics, we realized early on that our sports program was one of the best means of promoting the kind of dedication it takes to achieve scholastically. In fact, for many of our graduates, sports are their passports to higher education.

NJCAA All-American Sir Aaron Taylor is a prime example of the powerful academic incentive of athletics in school. After leaving Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven, Taylor went on to distinguish himself academically and athletically at Alfred State Community College in Western New York State. He quickly attracted the attention of coaches from a variety of top-rated colleges and universities. Because he was a good student as well as a good football player they all offered him the opportunity to continue his studies at their schools. He ultimately chose to accept a football scholarship at Youngstown State University, officially accepting the award at a ceremony that took place at Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven so he could share his achievement in the company of his family, his friends and his mentors.

Taylor is but one example of the powerful, positive influence athletics can have on the individual. In 2011, the Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven Varsity Basketball Team was chosen to receive the coveted Dennis T. Hurlie Sportsmanship Award.

In honoring our boys in this manner, the Westchester County Board of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials [IAABO] recognized our focus on achievement. The award is a source of pride for the extended Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven community in Somers and throughout the region. It's also the stuff that builds character, confidence and commitment among our students.

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