Trust makes the difference

Our belief in the importance of academic achievement is backed up by the individual care we provide the young men in our charge. As one staff member put it: "We come to work every day because we want to be here with these kids. When they arrive on campus for the first time, they are skeptical, tentative and unsure of themselves because they come from deprived environments, often without parents to guide them. But soon we earn their trust and the transformation begins."

That trust allows us to instill in them a new sense of worth and in many of them a strong desire to further their education. Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven alumni have continued their education after leaving some of the nation's most prestigious schools, including St. John's, Rutgers, Virginia State, the State University of New York, the City University of New York, Youngstown State and Long Island University. Many of them have gone on to become lawyers, financial services executives and businessmen. Some even own their own businesses. Others have opted to attend trade schools and have become mechanics and technicians, productive members of the work force.

It's a source of pride on campus that many of the students attending the Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven Ives School are earning their GEDs and going on to college to continue their education. View Recent GED And Scholarship Recipients

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